Pesmar Group

Pesmar Group has: 

  • a shipping vessel , Pesquerias Marinenses,
  • two fridges Pesmar and Safricope, 
  • and two trading of frozen fish Pesmarín, and Safricope,

along with a wide distribution network for our products that we always ensure professional and end consumers the highest quality. 

Pesmarín, S.A. commercialises a variety of species extracted and frozen on board our own vessels, such as Antarctic Rockcod, Argentine Hake, Pink cusk-eel, Forkbeard, Ray, Argentine Shortfin Squid, Squid, Greendland, Atlantic Redfish among others. But also directly import other products from different origins such as clams, Southern Hake, shrimp, prawn, salmon, all of them with outstanding quality. 

This is achieved by closing the circuit from extraction to final consumers, leveraging synergies as a group all the fishing cycle.

Safricope, S.A. in addition to the cooling activity is engaged in the wholesale marketing stage, frozen fish and seafood.

An exquisite selection of products and raw materials from different fishing grounds, and constant technological innovation along with stringent quality controls ensure the success of our products and customer satisfaction.